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We are ventilation experts who specialise in the residential sector. Our initial training as mechanical engineers and ventilation design estimators gives us a very rounded knowledge base. We provide guidance on all aspects of domestic ventilation for both new and existing properties.

Our services include design, installation, commissioning and everything in between. 

What makes us different

Getting involved with a project from start to finish we are able to eliminate errors and delays that would occur due to poor communication between consultants/architects and installers.

We are a singular point of contact for all the

ventilation aspects on a project are always on hand to aid with any stage of the project.

In this industry projects rarely run smoothly, with various changes taking place throughout the entirety of the build, designs may need to be altered to avoid various obstacles which can arise on site. In most cases if this happens installers will need to go back to the consultants and wait until new designs are completed before they can progress.

This can cause long delays which can have a knock on effect to other areas of a build.(time/money)

Given our unique skill set we are able to adapt and change designs on site in real time and complete the necessary calculations to ensure alterations have minimal effect to the overall system performance and ensure that any modifications    comply with the relevant regulations and guide lines.

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