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Self Build Ventilation

JV Ventilation specialises in the self build market giving customer an unparalleled service from conception to installation.
We can come to site to scope out the initial design, from there we can then generate quotes, supply the materials, install and finally commission the system to make sure the system is reaching the intended calculated flow rates.



As you are probably aware, there are many different options in relation to ventilation strategy when it comes to your self build project. Mainly the most popular ventilation solution for self builders is MVHR. The main influencing factor will be the airtightness of your build as to what ventilation system you will have to go with. Not all new build homes will be suitable for MVHR due to this reason. The general accepted airtightness for MVHR to see the greatest benefits is 3m³/hr/m². One of the key benefits of MVHR is the greatly improved air quality. As you're constantly renewing the air in the dwelling you'll be removing indoor pollutants and allergens, whilst recovering the heat from the wet areas of the property thus recovering heat that would otherwise be lost through other means such as traditional extract fans.

One of the key considerations you need to make with MVHR is deciding to have it from the outset. This is because the duct work associated with MVHR takes up a lot more room in the void spaces than anything else. MVHR can be retrofitted but it is very difficult to do so.


How Much does MVHR cost?

How much does an MVHR system cost to supply and install is a very tricky question as there are many variables such as size of house, size of unit required, amount of ducting, installation and commissioning costs. A large house around 250m2 to 300m2 would be around the £5000-£6000 range. Here at JV Ventilation we give you an all in cost which would incorporate supply, installation and commissioning. Alternatively, if you are a budding DIY'er you can install the system yourself and we can supply you the materials. We are NICEIC and BPEC certified meaning we can give you sign off at the end for building control to make sure the system has been installed correctly and is achieving the rates calculated.



There are other options in relation to your ventilation solution for your self build project. If it isn't feasible to route all the ducting associate with MVHR. The other options is MEV which is classed under system 3 of the building regulations. MEV is a centralised mechanical extract ventilation system that extracts all moisture laden air from wet areas of the property. In turn this creates a better environment as you are less likely to have higher humidity within the property and less chance of damp and condensation. 



Similar to MEV a DMEV is a decentralised ventilation solution where by you have a single extract fan that is continuously running in every wet area of the property. DMEV fans operate on a trickle and boost mode. These fans can be a cheaper alternative to other ventilation strategies but aren't as effective. 


As we have broken down each option for the ventilation strategies above you can see that there are a multitude of choices. MVHR does tend to be more popular with self builders as it is the most effective solution in providing total home ventilation.

Contact us below for a free no obligation quote for MVHR.



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