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Zehnder Service Partner

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As a service partner of Zehdner we are able to offer our expertise to self builders and small developments where quality is of the highest importance. Zehnders MVHR range caters for all sizes of properties and developments, including developments looking to achieve the Passivhaus accreditation.  

We are able to offer design, supply, installation and commissioning of Zehnder units. Also we have full access to the Zehnder portfolio and brand. Therefore we can offer all of their ventilation products as well as heating.

Using Zehnder products gives you the a comprehensive energy efficient solution to your indoor climate.

We are able to offer the following:-

- Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilation

- Bisque Design Radiators

- Zehnder Cooling Panels 

Click here for the Zehnder website.

MVHR Installation
Zehnder Comfoq 650
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