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  • Jonathan Davies

Positive Input Ventilation Systems.

What is a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) I hear you ask?

PIV is a whole house ventilation system that ventilates your home by filling your property with fresh filtered air from outside.

There are a range of PIV units on the market and they can either be installed in a house or flat. There are various options depending on your current living circumstances.

How does PIV work?

PIV works by drawing air into the unit and filtering it simultaneously (usually down to 5 microns) then in turn the unit pumps the air into the dwelling via a central location to generate a slight pressurisation affect. The gentle pressure built up within the property forces out any stagnant air or moisture laden air that is prone to causing damp and condensation.

PIV units are suitable for existing properties as they require 'leaky' dwellings. This is because the air needs to be able to escape to allow the renewal of air.

We recommend if you have a wet area without an extract fan that is more than one door away from a central location such as an en-suite you have it fitted with a continuous running extract fan to help with air transfer.

If you suffer with damp and condensation and have done everything possible to eradicate it and it keeps coming back this is the product for you.

Who can install a PIV unit?

Usually a qualified electrician is able to install PIV units. JV Ventilation are able to install PIV units whether you live in a flat or house.

Get in touch for a free home survey and quote within the South Wales area.

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